Discussion #13: ^^ That Glorious Moment When…

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The dark looks. The narrowed eyes. The closed off posture. The half-commental grunt. The stalking.


                                     *gives you THE coyest of coy smiles*

 Read on bumblebees. Read on and all your glorious questions shall be answered.

Gosh. Okay my sweet and delectable bumblebees, I’m STUMPED. I need help with how guys show jealousy for a current novel I’m writing. I’ve been reading about some body language but it’s just not happening.

Now…now don’t we all just love it when our hero has his jealous moments? They’re so deliciously cute and I always feel so wicked whenever that half, coy smile forms on my face when it happens or that tense anticipation when I KNOW it’s about to happen. I’ve highlighted some jealous things in guys but it’s not a very good list. (Eh, well I needs more ideas. LOTS MORE. So that’s where you guys come in.)

                        SOME JEALOUS SIGNS:

Follow love interest around without being obvious. STALKER. This trait, I don’t mind so much because I find it cute that he goes out of his way to see what his ‘girl’ is doing, be it with another dude or just curious about her.


Those sideways glares and dark scowls. (For some reason this just RAMPS UP the sexiness appeal for me so if it’s in a book, hands down I ship this dude. Hard. Yo.)


Tried to get the upper hand and make guy look bad by means of DOING ANYTHING. I find it wickedly cute if the hero attempts to try to look better than the “competition” and the fact that he will go to any extreme to accomplish this is extremely sexy. 


♥He’ll act differently or withdrawn around heroine. (This particular trait, I DON’T find very attractive to me but whatevs. We’re all human here.) But it’s only because it makes me feel his maturity meter doesn’t go very high if this makes any sense?


He’ll act like he doesn’t care and is unaffected but PFFT. Come on. He’s not kidding ANYONE around here. If he’s a bold one, he’ll just come out and question the heroine about how close she and the guy are while at the same time trying but failing at maintaining cool, calm, and collected facade but that anger is slipping through the cracks. But if he isn’t, he’ll act like it doesn’t bother him. 


Like I said, I think is the nitty gritty, the bare bones of his a guy shows jealously but I know there has to be more out there.


                                        Over to you:

I’m curious to know what YOU GUYS have to say about this? I’ve seen jealousy played out in all kinds of ways but I need something new and fresh to the table. what is your favorite ‘jealous’ signs you’ve seen in a guy or you can pick one from the list. How about your favorite jealous moments from other books? And tell me do YOU get that wicked smile on your face when the hero your totally crushing on is jealous? I know you do. Don’t lie to me. I know all. And I also NEED HELP. READY. SET. GO!!



23 responses to “Discussion #13: ^^ That Glorious Moment When…

  1. My favorite jealous sign would have to be when the guy starts asking questions. He’s meant to be “subtle” about it, but you see right through him. “So, what’s up with that guy you were talking to?” *Snorts* That’s a straight up jealous sign right there.

  2. I read a book recently, where one of the characters was jealous (ugh love triangles) but he was kind of bitter and weird about it. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable 🙁

    I prefer it when they act like they don’t care, but you can see right through them. So obvious, but think they’re being subtle.

    • EWWWW. A love triangle you say? NO TANK YOU! I have a strong dislike for those things. And I love it when the jealousy is subtle but you and TOTALLY tell he’s jealous. Just sexy. mmm. hmmm.

  3. Sophia Rose

    Those are some fun ways to see a book guy get jealous. There is also the unattractive possessive reaction whether in words or by curling that arm around his gal. This can be made to be attractive when he gets ripped at for it and is truly contrite. Not every time has this been pulled off well in the scene and can come off as just being a jerk, but I’ve seen some fun snark out of it when done right.

  4. aentee @ read at midnight

    As long as the hero doesn’t act like a possessive jerk about it, I think a good dose of jealousy keeps romances alive. Or better yet, I love the jealousy that comes when the hero doesn’t quite realise he’s got it bad for our heroine, those ones make me titter with GLEE and JOY hehe.

    • I ship a couple ESPECIALLY if there’s jealousy involved girl! I just can’t get ENOUGH! <3 I love it when he acts ‘unaffected’ when (hehe) he is jealous! <3 Priceless!

  5. Red Iza

    I hate it when a guy turns into a possessive caveman, but my own guy is the “unaffected” kind so I don’t know much about that. Like Lekeisha said, when he starts asking questions as if he wasn’t worried, that sounds good to me 🙂

  6. haha the acting stoic but secretly feeling hurt gets me every time. Stalking creeps me out no matter what lol but I remember a cute scene once where the guy teams up with his love interest’s friends to investigate the dude causing all the trouble to make sure she doesn’t make bad decisions (he actually does it because hes jealous but the self-denial was strong in that one)! Ahhh I wish I remembered which book it was from xD

    • STALKING IS CREEPY I SO AGREE WITH YOU JU! *bows down to you* And I’m curious to know which book this came from because I usually don’t like stalking that much but the way it plays out in that scene it makes it kinda less creepy? Maybe. 🙂

  7. I agree here! It can be hard to get your man to be jealous and seem like it! I think my favourite way to go about it is for the dark glares and sideways looks. Yep, I am all about that simmering down anger at being second best in her eyes (or the possibility of being that way.) And even though they are shooting all those looks they are going to pretend it doesn’t affect them in the slightest. Yes, this is so how I see my jealousy going 😀

    • Those dark glares and sideways looks ALWAYS GET TO ME. I LOVES IT GIIRRLL. <3 Simmering anger and pretending not to be affected (when we know he is) deff is sexy!

  8. I find it quite cute when the guy is just finding out that he actually likes someone by suddenly feeling mad that his friend that is a girl is getting close to the ‘new’ guy. And so he questions himself, “Wait, what? Why do I suddenly care?” The beginnings of love <3

    • Aww this is so cute! Like when the guy and the girl are best friends and then he just has this ‘awakening’ of sorts of his feelings for the protagonist. I agree this too is AWESOME! I SHIP IT DRE! <3

  9. I like when his girl is talking to another male the alpha views as a threat so he saddles up along side of her and gives the man the death glare.

  10. I love it when there’s some feisty banter between my hero and heroine – building up to great romantic tension! That gets me every time inmy reads 🙂

  11. I usually find jealousies cute as long as it’s not very dominating/passive-aggressive/possessive. When it crosses that territory, I usually just close the book because I wouldn’t be able to help but think it’s abusive. But I really, really like what Dre said above! Questioning himself why he suddenly cares, why his heart is feeling all the heartstring being pulled… I can’t help but squeal at that!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  12. This POST is giving me feels!! I love jealous guys, but only if a) he’s already with the girl or b) he’s been pining for her for a while. <3

    I don't like it when the guy suddenly becomes WITHDRAWN when he's with the girl, but when he suddenly turns AWKWARD and blushy? HECK YES PLEASE. <33 And the competition thing is super adorable too!

  13. I think jealousy can be done well, I am not a fan if it goes on too long or they get too aggressive for no reason. But subtle it can be done well. Like Dre mentioned I have read some books where jealousy can suddenly make the boy realize he cares about the girl. or when he actually already has the girl or almost jealousy can illustrate how much he cares.