Discussion #12: ^^ *SMOOCHES* Yo. Kiss Meh You FOOL.

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Don’t we ALL love to wait for that toe curling, heart pounding moment in which the characters we love to adore or maybe love to hate finally lock lips??


                                                ‘Tis a glorious moment indeed.



                                                   See? This Gif and I are on the same page here.


If you don’t appreciate this feeling….we can longer associate. You are no longer a part of the sweet bumblebee club and I banish you. Not really. Yes really. 

(This is totally random but did you guys hear about that new planet, I think it’s called Kepler something like that? Well apparently scientists are investigating it and it had almost the same requirements as Earth does to support life and water. HOW. COOLIO. IS. THAT??


*rolls eyes and sighs* Yesssss queen bee Kei. We heard. This is such old news.


Ehem. *clears throat* sorry for the interruption. Your scheduled programming is now back in session.

You know that tense moment when you know the kiss is about to happen. Your heart beat picks up. Your blood pressure shoots up, and if you’re an emotional reader and feed off the delicious emotions in your book like me, you may experience butterflies in the pit of your stomach as as the story progresses and you wait for that big moment to happen.


And then…oh, then when it does.


                                                                         It’s about to go down.


But now I have a question for you. (And don’t worry. This question was hand picked so I’m sure you shall love it.)


                 When should that first kiss happen?

The beginning? (*gags and smells the reeking smell of insta-love*)

The middle? (Hmm. You have Queen bee Keionda’s attention.)

The middle/end? (*smiles and nods* now you’re speaking my language)



I don’t like it when that first kiss happens way too early in the book. I like to connect with the characters first and foremost so I can then give a crap about the plot and what evil genius things are being thrown at my now beloved BFF’S. But I digress.


I like and prefer to have a challenge. AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS KEIONDA?

I like it if there is drama–lots of it. You know, something the characters are fighting for (which can be fighting for each other or…fighting against each other for some reason.

I guess it’s just a mixture between the fights, the angst and the heartache, sprinkled in with the right amount of happy moments, the flirty ones to really make me appreciate the lovers journey together so I can be able to be in THE MOMENT when that delicious, thrilling moment happens.





                                                   Over to you:

So, for me I like it if the kiss doesn’t happen to soon in the sorry but but not too late in the ending to where I’m crying because I just want to reach in the book and plaster their faces together and be like: YOU TWO JUST NEED TO KISS ALREADY, LET ME HELP YOU. So how about you guys? And do you think the plot and character development have anything to do with it when that special moment should happen?



10 responses to “Discussion #12: ^^ *SMOOCHES* Yo. Kiss Meh You FOOL.

  1. Red Iza

    Ha ha, in the middle ! Too soon ? I don’t know the characters enough so I don’t care enough. Too late ? I’m like you, I want to grab them and make them act my way. Middle is good, definitely 🙂

  2. Ha ha I loved this because it is so true! Whether in a book or tv series or even a movie, there is nothing like “that’ moment when it all comes together and we can all breath a sigh of relief that it finally happened!

  3. Sophia Rose

    definitely not a fan of too soon for the ‘I love you forever’ kiss, but if its an angry, playful or ‘you now have my full attention’ kiss? maybe. I like to know my characters better before the meaningful, feelsey kisses and sexy times start happening, but like you, I get impatient with the what are we waiting for here mutters if it goes too long.

  4. I love the slow building romance types of books where you have to wait till the middle or end when they kiss, but I don’t want to wait till the very end as I also want to see them together or how they deal with things after the kissing and declaring their love. With series I don’t mind waiting a few books, Like I said I love slow building romances and as long as they get to that point before the series ends, I can wait a long time. I have read a few books where the kiss towards the beginning works as well, so it’s not like I instantly disregard those books. But I definitely prefer is we have to wait a bit for that epic moment ;). And like you mentioned I prefer to get to know the characters a bit first.

  5. aentee @ read at midnight

    Haha this is such a fun post, Kleionda! I prefer having the smoochies right towards the last third of the book or in the sequel. I just love the Will-They-Won’t-They tension. In TV shows, if the couple hooks up within the first season, I feel all sorts of disappointed. Give me sexual tension that can cut a knife rather than full on smooching any day of the week.

    Aentee at The Social Potato

  6. I look forward to middle/end kisses. I don’t like instalove! It kills my mood with the story overall. I don’t care how hot the guy is, I think there needs to be some kind of buildup to that first kiss.

  7. Definitely NO to the beginning, unless the couple’s already been dating before the events in the books happen, which then I’m totally okay for it to happen any time! But for the most part, I stick to the middle because a) there’s already plot development (hopefully) by then, so the romance doesn’t turn into the whole point of the book and b) the characters are somewhat closer! But I’m also okay with it happening in the end. Or even the sequel, for that matter! I’m all for slow-burn! And *sometimes* I stop shipping a couple once they turn into an actual couple… *coughs at Sydrian*

  8. Lol. This post. I think it all depends on the story for me. I can deal with kissing early on but if they do something has to be there already. I don’t know. This is kind of hard but I know I hate it when I want the characters to get ta smooching and it seems like they won’t…ever! Great post!

  9. I am very much like you – I don’t want the kiss to happen at the beginning because it is way too fast and there should be some more build up than that! I definitely want it either to be at the middle… but ideally the middle/end-ish part. Not the end, because sometimes that is so frustrating when I have to wait so long!