Discussion #10: ^^ *Wipes Drool* Let Us Talk Fictional Boyfrannzzz!

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So many of you may or may not know this but I’m a writer. TADAAAAA. *Sprinkles glittery confetti on the top of your head and then proceeds to break dance*

I’ve made it my personal goal to write a book a month. And so far I’ve written 9 books in 8 months. —>(and I’m totally not bragging. I’m probably the most legit humblest person you’ll ever meet.)


Buttttttttt yeah, for so long I’ve not wanted to come out and say anything for fear of how it would be perceived but there ya go. It’s out there now.

Anywho, I thought I would dedicate some discussion posts to YOU GUYS because you’re some awesome little bumblebees, –>And because I’m awesome. Pfft. Duh.  I’d like to know what you guys most want to see in YA Fantasy Rlamcne. It’s kind of cool because I’m super interested in what you guys have to say.  Any overdone cliches? Any things you’re tired of seeing? Today this post is dedicated to:         


                                    Swoony guys in YA and NA. *fans self*

                   CHARACTERISTICS I HEART:

Untitled6Is it just me or do you guys also tend to do THE SWOON when a guy is a jerk first off but then has this underlying sensitive, soft side WE ALL KNOW is there but he hides it, only becoming  his TRUE self around the heroine?

Untitled6 I will swoon right now if I find a book about a guy that is a ball player or in a band. I don’t know why. BUT KEIONDA….KEIONDA SHIPS IT, YO.


888I don’t like the whole “dominant-male-and-you’re-my-submissive” thing, A.K.A.: The # 1 one reason I didn’t read/appreciate the Fifty Shades of Gray Trilogy, even though my mom obviously ships it. I, in fact, do not.


     List of guys I’ve swooned over and why with quotes:

                                          //Book covers transport you to Goodreads//


Daemon Black from the Lux Series. 

“He was
a jerk. Moody. But there had been brief moments that I’d spent with him—like a nanosecond—when I thought I might have seen the real Daemon. At
least a better Daemon. And that part made me curious. And the other side, the jerky one, yeah, that part didn’t make me curious.
It sort of excited me.”

(Like obvi, you KNEW I had to put him on here.) *winks at you* I love Daemon because he was your all around jerk with that special soft center that we got to witness as the sure went on. Don’t get me wrong, he was  still that lovable jerk we all love to hate but…. he made up for it.


Jag Jensen from True Love Series.  

“I’ll say this much, I’m not going to lose her and I’ll fight to get her back. But the time for that is not now, so I’ll wait.”

For those of you that have been following my blog for some time, you’ll know how much I loved this series and it mostly all had to do with Mr. Jag Jensen, who just so happens to be a baseball player. (I mean, who doesn’t swoon over a character who is a friggin’ baseball player??) Errr… in which case you DON’T and this will be totally awkward. So much so that we can’t be friends no more. Sorry. I am unrelenting in my decision to defriend you. Pfft. I totally kid. You can still be friends with me.


 Chris Knight from The Shattered Hearts Series.

“How can you still love me after everything I’ve done to you?” “How can I not? You’re the fucking love of my life. You don’t stop loving someone just because they’ve hurt you. Yes, what you did hurt me, but I gain nothing if I stay angry with you. But I might gain everything by forgiving you. You’re my everything. I just want you back.”

This series destroyed me. Cassia Leo is an artist at the keyboard, notebook, or whatever she uses to write with. I would just love to sit there and stare at her wrote and work her magic so I can learn from her. –》Not weird at all. –》Yes really. But Chris Knight, he was THE FREAKING LEAD SINGER IN A BAND. Sooooo, obviously I ship him. But surprisingly enough, I still swooned up and down over him even though he wasn’t a jerk. He was compassionate, sweet, and okay, yes…he was kind of a jerk sometimes. But IDC. IDC AT. ALL. I WANTS HIM. I HAS TO HAVE HIM.


So those were my swoony guys with more to come if I’m lucky. Soooo, as promised I need your help. Can I ask you guys to do me a teeny, tiny favor, por favor?. Pfft. Of course I can. And you will do it. Because you love me. I hope. I have below, a small poll for you guys to take. So poll away because I’m really interested in what you guys have to say and to know more about your thoughts on this!


You guys ROCK! Thanks for taking the time time for answering this quick survey. It means a lot and your opinion deff matters to me! ♡ –>in which case you didn’t do my survey which…..SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOUR COW! (Teehee that totally came from the movie Mulan so I’m just quoting here…unless you in fact DO have a cow which makes this awkward.) *backs away slowly*

Alsoooo, if you guys come across anything weird, or a good idea for a story, or anything interesting wellllll, THAT IS A GINORMOUS DEAL. AND I KIND OF NEEDS TO KNOW THESE THINGS. —>not yelling. When/if you do come across these things, connect with me on social media! 


                                 Over to you…eh… again:

Anything else you guys would like to add to my list ADD AAAAWWAAYY! 🙂 Can’t wait to read your thoughts! What characteristics in a guy make you swoon? Which ones turn you off? Any swoon recommendations?



24 responses to “Discussion #10: ^^ *Wipes Drool* Let Us Talk Fictional Boyfrannzzz!

  1. Most of the time, I feel like I’m too old to be having fictional relationships/fantasies with fictional characters. I don’t know…

  2. I know everyone loves a bad boy but I love the nerds too! It is fun to see those sexy nerds with hearts of gold!

    I also love a slow building romance, the friends to lovers trope, it is one of my favorites!!

    I had no idea you were a writer, I think that is awesome!!

    • I agree Ali! I have a thing for the bad guys but the nerds are also fun (especially if they’re wearing large bifocals. mmm hmm gets me every time. 😉

  3. Red Iza

    I love nerds,musicians or construction workers (men who work with their hands, not stinky rich tycoons), enemies to lovers with banter (a bit like Daemon when he first answers the door in Obsidian – I adore Daemon !), and I love lean muscled men, not Schwarzenegger types. I didn’t know you write, I hope you’ll give us a taste someday 😉

    • Mmmm construction workers you say? That sounds interesting definitely! And I agree! I LOVE the banter with enemies to lovers. <3 Leaned muscled men… GIMMEE NOW.

  4. You kept that under wraps you saucy little thing! That’s absolutely incredible and can’t wait to start seeing snippets from your work hun, so exciting! I don’t swoon often, the only one who has really made me swoon is Warner from the Shatter Me series and Chaol from Throne of Glass to a lesser extent. With Warner, it was the allure of the villain. He was intense and full of intent. He also came across as lonely and incredibly complex. I can’t wait to see what you’re working on next <3

    • Teehee thanks girl! I’ll be giving you guys little surprises when you least expect it so don’t you worry. 😉 AND GIRL! I have yet to try the Shatter Me series or ToG! Have to get on it soon.:) That’s what I love: THOSE COMPLEX CHARACTERS. *Makes grabby hands*

  5. Wow you have written 8 books already! Do you plan on publishing them? Which genres are your books? And what a fun questionaire. I have a thing for animal lovers, it just works for me. It’s just makes me swoon when a character is ncie to animals. Now you can probably identify which entry is mine, lol. The most important thing for me in a romance book is not how the individual characters are, but how the couple is together, how they interact and fit together and if I feel the romance. For me romance is all about the couple. I like how SJ Pajonas writes their couples, very realistic and with little gestures showing they know what their love interest wants. She writes the best romances.

  6. Ro

    Your savvy style and witty conversation literally screams author in bright pink neon letters, so I’m not surprised at all over all those books! Not to mention that God has clearly blessed you with a wonderful talent. Who wouldn’t want to meet a really wealthy guy with the perfect personality to sweep us off our feet? As I get older, however, I find that I’m like Iza and prefer what society may call a nerd, but what we think as fabulously intelligent. I also like my heroes to be amazingly funny, loyal and strong. Great topic and yes, I filled out the survey. *heh* Big Hugs…Ro

  7. 9 BOOKS yass girl you better get it! I was seriously thinking so hard while filling out the form. I honestly didn’t think about half of the stuff you included, but after finishing I realize that I definitely have a type. At first I liked the rude, asshole guys that have a sensitive side to them, but recently I’ve read What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi, and ooo lord let me to you RYDEN CAN GET IT GIRL! He didn’t fit the mold of most guys in YA. Well, he did but didn’t at the same time lmao. He was a soccer player, and liked to read here and there, (He even liked Toni Morrison) girl all in all he was just amazing and I want him lol. He so swept me off my feet, so now I have to figure out how I’m going to calm down enough to write my review!

    • I have a strange soft spot for those bad guys with the soft and sensitive side WE ALL know is there. 😉 (Am I right or am I right?) What you left behind, I’m about to go add that to Goodreads now so I can see what you’re swoon is all about.;)

  8. Wow that’s so amazing that you have written so many books/write one a month! Absolutely that should be an accomplishment you talk about often!

    I do love a bad boy who has a heart of gold – and I love the romantic tension of a girl and a guy who can’t get together for awhile, but of course it will happen in the end! That’s like the epitome of the best romance for me. 😀 It’s so interesting to see you break down the different aspects to a book boyfriend in your survey – I have found out I totally have a type. LOL

    • OOHHHH Just like you said! I have a thing for the couples that can’t get it together but then we ALL KNOW it’ll happen in the end. 😉 That is just what does me in! <3

  9. I’m proud of my fictional BFs. There’s Chaol from the Throne of Glass Series, Tag from The Law of Moses (also, The Song of David), Gideon from the Crossfire Series, Luke from The Cure Series, and so many more! They range from tall, dark, and brooding, to mma fighters, to soldiers. I love bad boys that have a softer side that only so few know about. Swoon!

  10. I didn’t feel like I helped much with your survey b/c I really don’t have strong feelings about all that. It really is about connecting with the story and characters for me. 😉 I do enjoy cranky and broody heroes for sure.

    Love seeing Daemon on your list. My favorite NA guys are some of Christina Lee’s, Amy Lane’s Rusty Baker in Christmas Kitsch, KA Tucker’s guys, Tammara Webber’s Landon Lucas Maxfield from Easy, and Elder from Beth Revis’ Across the Universe series,

    • Cranky and broody heroes are where it’s at for me girl! And yes Daemon, *swoons* he will always be my number one. I’m going to add the ones you’ve given me to Goodreads. 🙂

  11. One book a month?! Oohlala, you’re such an inspiration, Keiondra! I’ve started so many stories and have finished… none. Yup 😐 which is really bad on my end, but it’s good to know that there’s someone out there who keeps striving and striving to reach their dreams. I’ll definitely emulate you!

    As for love interests, sometimes the jerky interest works well, but I prefer the nerdy ones, or those laid-back. I don’t know, I guess I just find them more swoony 😀 or those seemingly happy ones but have demons inside.

    I’ll answer your poll when I’m done with the stuff I need to do <3

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • Oh girl you’re awesome so I KNOW you’re going to finished those books one day!:) I believe in you girl. 🙂 I deff prefer the jerky ones (pretty much all the time–just adds more interest? idk why) teehee The nerdy ones that are also laid-back are AWESOME! <3

  12. Dang girl, 9 books! What are they about? I wanna read them! And omg, girl, I cannot even answer your poll properly because I want to check everything in the poll! I’m a sucker for bad guys, the rugged, tattooed kind with the hooded look in his eyes, and also the sweet, good guy with an adorable twinkle and smile. And ohmygod, DIMPLES. They are just sooooo lickable! Long hair (not so much but they look good with man buns), short hair, semi bald, either way works (though I just hope he’s not NATURALLY bald, lmao!) And omg, tattoos and piercings, good lawd. Oh and bearded guys too. I have a great fascination for facial hair. Not very much on the “Lumberjack santa” kind, but yeah beards are smexayyyy. ;D Love this post, girlie!!!

    • You can READ THEM ALL GIRL. You can be my bestest beta reader eva! Yeah? Yeah? Teehee That would be AWESOME. And girl, you could have answered everything because the poll was kind of hard. hehe You’ve described every single characteristic I love in a guy! (SO crazy we have the same taste in guys) mmm hmmm Tattooed with the hooded looks *faints* I may have to give one of my male characters a beard? Idk how I’ll do that yet? I’ll have to get your advice! <3

  13. Ooh your survey has been filled out! I am all about the book boyfriends! In my case though, I always end up falling for the secondary characters who aren’t the main people. I don’t even know why xD And from the ones you mentioned I only know Daemon and he was okay xD

    9 books in 8 months? GIRL YOU CRAZY. You must Nanowrimo like, every book xD But it is good that you are writing! I just finished a novel and am in the process of editing it right now ^^

    • The secondary characters I agree I sometimes fall for them girl! 🙂 And Daemon will FOREVA be at the very top of my book boyfriend list! I GOES CRAZY FOR DAEMON. <3 And tee hee I just love to write:)

  14. Oh good lord NINE BOOK?! I am in awe with the speed you can bang out books. I WANT ALL THE BOOKS GURL. omg.