Diggin’ That Cover! ^^Wishlist Wednesday

Posted October 28, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Wishlist Wednesday / 34 Comments

Wishlist Wednesday is a meme offered by Pen To Paper in which YOU THE AWESOME-FILLED blogger tells the rest of the blogging world of the books you’ve been sitting on virtually and have yet to read. (Because you’re a slacker just like me and there is no shame in your slackin’ game.)

 // Book cover transports you to this magical place called Goodreads// 



                               Over To You:

Am I like the only homo sapien on the planet earth that has YET to dive into this book? Have you guys read it? Isn’t there an entire series?  (Don’t mark my word because pfft, I don’t even know)

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34 responses to “Diggin’ That Cover! ^^Wishlist Wednesday

  1. Starting this over the weekend. I’ve had it since it’s release, and I need to start narrowing down my kindle books.

  2. Red Iza

    Oh yeah, it’s a beautiful cover, I agree, the colors, everything ! And there’s a book #2 that will be released in 2016. I haven’t read it yet because… well… time… plenty books… you know the drill !

    • Really? I’m always late when it comes to new releases lately! But, I’M SUPER anxious to see how this book cover is going to look! I hope they go with the same cover scheme! <3

  3. I still love that cover Kei, pity what was going on in the inside let it down though. I tried to read this one not too long before release and It was about as exciting as watching paint dry. I couldn’t eve finish it. The writing is really lovely though and pulls you into the storyline, but it just wasn’t for me sadly. Really curious to see what you think of it and hope that you have more luck than I did Kei <3 <3

    • Wow. Was it even worse than watching paint dry on the wall? Well.. that’s just unfortunate. 🙁 I’ve been reading mixed reviews about this one. I like that the writing pulls you in, but if the story doesn’t suit me I’m probably not going to care for it either. 🙁 I hope I have more luck with it too Kels! <3 xoxo

  4. I haven’t read the series but I’m familiar with it. It keeps popping up in my Instagram and Bloglovin’ feed. That title, though 🙂

    • That title AND that cover, though girl! Teehee I hope you get to try it soon girl! The second one is coming out next year so it’s like I NEED TO SEE how this next cover is going to look! <3

  5. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve heard about it. There’s a second one coming out soon I think.
    Oh there is no shame. There are so many series that everyone seems to have read that I haven’t read yet.

    • I JUST NOW learned that there is a second one coming out girl! I won’t feel bad anymore because I know there are so many books and just..NO TIME. LIKE 0 TIME. It’s so sad.

  6. RO

    Haven’t heard of it, but am totally intrigued by the cover, that I know I’m supposed to be really focused on. (lol) Hugs…

  7. Olivia-Savannah

    Hm… I haven’t read this book yet, but I am not so sure about it… I haven’t got it on my TBR but if you read it and love it, then I think I will give it a chance ^^ So make sure you let me know what you think of this one!

  8. A lot of people didn’t enjoy this one and when I started it, neither did I. I’m passing on this one regardless of the cover.

    • I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this one girl! I don’t know why because THAT COVER, but then again, sometime the cover doesn’t mean the book is going to be good, you know? 😉

    • I’m glad you’re digging the cover like I am! I know you haven’t read any Armentrout books so we have GOT to change this quick, fast, and in a hurry! <3

  9. I haven’t read it but I’ve heard mixed things about it. Not really high on my priority list, but maybe I’ll get to it one day! If you read it, I’d be interested to hear what you thought!

    • Really?? Awe, well all I’ve heard are the raves so I need to start reading other reviews girl! But meh, I love all things JLA, soooo, I guess we’ll just have to see! teehee

  10. I broke my damn neck to get this book when it first released because of the cover and guess what, I STILL HAVEN’T READ THE DAMN THING. Idk why I even buy new releases when they first drop because I usually can’t start them right away anyway lol