Discussion # 7: But… But I don’t wannaaaa ^^

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                          LIFEY UPDATE, YO: 

I’m on a diet. Tis the saddest thing eva. I can not eat cake. I have to eat sugar free things–Eh, ew? I’m going to try this liquid diet for four days and then stay on a chicken and broccoli diet for about four months. AND, if that isn’t bad enough, the worst of all, I have to excercise-like, Ew-er. And worst of all…did I mention I can’t have CAKE??

My sister just had a 19 birthday party and YES. We had cake and cupcakes (all with their own dollop of heaven that came in the firm of vanilla in all mind so it was like a freaking heaven in YO MOUTH.


But today I just wanted to talk to you guys about what motivates you to write when sometimes you just don’t… I’m kind of going through a writing slump and needed some help getting out if it. I also thought I would bestow upon you, my fellow minions, the SEVEN THINGS that help me when I’m not in the mood for all that fancy writing stuff.


                   My Seven Awesome Tips:

Music. Like, DUH. You I had to have this on the very top of my list. Who can’t survive without music?? I bop along to Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Swift, Toby Mac, etc. THE WORKS. DA WORKS GUYS.

Oddly enough movies or cartoons help me. (Yes… I’m 23 and YES. I DO watch SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, Pokemon–sometimes. I HAS NO SHAME. I has none.)

 COFFEE. COFFEEEEEEEE. I do not believe I would survive without a swallow of coffee. At least a swallow. But if I am to be allowed more, I put EXTRA cream and sugar on that THANG. –and since I’m really good, I always put a butt load of whipped cream, cinnamon, and may add cherry juice on top if I am feeling particularly frisky.                                                   

                                                                     YOU NO JUDGE ME.


I won’t write. As strange as it may sound I have found it’s easier to write and concentrate if I step away from it for a while? And completely shut down my mind of said wiring project, which never works because my mind is a strange place and I never can seem to get my mind off of it for very long. Tis so sad, let me tell you. 

♡ I do a little bit of scribbling on the cell. Well, pfft, I don’t mean scribble as in writing because you obviously can’t write on your celluar device, and if you can, I WANT YO PHONE NOW. But what I mean is, I have an app called OneNote on my phone and just getting away from my computer for a while is good so I don’t launch it against the wall.

Taking a breath of le fresh air. I don’t know about you guys but taking a step outside really does me in when I’m feeling groggy.


♡ I read. I know what you’re thinking. Pfft, that was so obvious, why you save it for last? Well, as obvious as it may seem, there’s nothing like sinking into a good book and not having to worry about the world for a couple of hours. You can go and eat and hibernate in your room and completely shut off everyone. And THEY BETTER not interupt you or heads will be severed. (Teehee I totally kid.)


                                Over to you:

Do you guys have any awesome-filled tips for me? What do you guys do when you find you’re de-motivated—>is that even a word?? To write?



19 responses to “Discussion # 7: But… But I don’t wannaaaa ^^

  1. RO

    Can I say that i hate the word “diet”? (lol) I try to tell myself and others that I’m eating more healthy stuff, but kudos to you for jumping in. Though based on pics, I don’t know that you need to be on the “d” word. You give awesome tips, some of which I’ve used. Movies and books are great tools to use, and I find that just having conversations in the supermarket work, or on the job work, too. Ironically, I mentioned this in a blog where my son asked where I came up with ideas.He thinks I’m a nut! (lol) Like you, I sometimes stop writing, but strangely enough the ideas still keep rolling around in my head. Great topic and Happy Monday to you! Hugs…Ro

    • Hiiiiii Ro! And YES! My mom hates the word diet too soooo, I guess I could have said “I’m watching what I eat.” Hehe but it’s going good so far and movies and books are really good because they do a good job in distracting me but at the same time, like you said, the thoughts just keep bouncing around in my head!

  2. For mr music usually distracts me instead of helps me. I am not really a musical person. I don’t mind listening to it, but I won’t put music on voluntary. For me it’s tea instead of coffee, I love my earl grey tea. Stepping away can certainly help for me as well, sometimes when I am doing sometimes unrelated like baking or cooking or brushing my teeth, good dieas can suddenly pop into my mind.

    • I’m a tea drinker too Lola! Specifically green or lemon tea. 🙂 And I HAVE, HAVE, HAVE to have music. I just feel so unmotivated if not, you know? And usually ideas pop in my head when I’m taking a shower, cooking,etc. like you said. 🙂

  3. That diet plan sounds doable. Lol. Usually, reading other people’s blog motivates me to write. Idk. I’m weird like that. Lol.

  4. Best wishes on the diet. I am not on a diet per se, but I have lowered my daily calorie intake while making better choices and added more exercise time to my days. This is helping and I don’t want to cheat.

    As to the writer thing, those are good ideas. There are so many different reasons for lack of motivation that depending on the reason would depend on what I take up to fix it. Sometimes, for me, writing about an entirely new story or vignette helps get things back on track with the troublesome story.

    • Thank you for the best wishes Sophia! I really needed them but I’m happy to say that I’m finally OFF the diet now! Woohoo! <3 But still have to watch what I eat and exercise and all that fun stuff. sigh. And yes, writing a new story for me always gets me “re-motivated” again. (Pretty sure that’s not a word) teehee

  5. Cait @ Paper Fury

    AHHH I NEED THESE TIPS. I’m so de-motivated right now. The book I’m editing is NOT what I want to be doing, but I’m beholden (for complex reasons) to finish it and arghhh SOMEONE SAVE ME. *breaks down sobbing* I like to blog about what I’m doing. For some reason it gets me motivated. XD
    OMG GOOD LUCK ON YOUR DIET. IT SOUNDS LIKE TORTURE. And, tbh, I understand the pain a lot. *pats back* I’ve been sugar-free for, gawsh, probably 5 months now?! Seriously I don’t even WANT super sweet stuff now. It’s a bit crazy. But I like cake, I love cake. I make things sweetened with alternate things and fajksdl it’s good because I need cake in my life. I DO.

    • Thank you Cait! I’m off of it now and now the “REAL” diet commences. teehee so wish me luck on that one! 🙂 And sugar free?? Man… that HAS to be hard. But, it’s less sugar in your diet and you know how bad sugar can be. Now i want sugar…. Grrr

  6. When I’m demotivated in general, I either do the following things: pick up a previous favorite (it works 100%) or eat food (also works 100%). Nothing like great food and great books to spice up your life and make you remember why living is worth it, and it’s even more worth it to put it in paper and ink 😀

    Faye at The Social Potato

  7. I don’t write, but generally getting out and forgetting about what I need to do for awhile always works for me.:)