AUTHOR NEWS: Yeahhh Jennifer L. Armentrout new e-book (Free!)

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                              Hey  Chicos!

BIG NEWS! And it comes in the lovely form of a…. FREE BOOK!

Who of us lovely book wormers, doesn’t absolutely HEART getting a free book?? No one? Yeah, didn’t think so. (Although it’s perfectly okay if you don’t want books for free;) No judgment here.) But yes, as I was saying before I totally backtracked there, author of the extremely popular Lux Series, Jennifer L. Armentrout A.K.A. has released a new free e-book series. (Young adult romantic suspense, BTW)

I feel like I gush about her a little bit too much at times but that’s just how AWESOME she is! And I don’t mean only as a person, but as a writer. (Plus, you have to really heart your fans if you are willing to write a 90,000 page book and give it away FOR FREE.)

According to my very accurate sources, (her FB page) she says she will upload a chapter (or could be two chapters) a week. The download is super simple and it’s on Wattpad so there’s no need for you to make an account. I started reading the first two chapters and am already in love… GAH!

You just have to see for yourselves. So stay tuned here for more. 😉

Get some of this awesomeness right here. (Link takes you directly to book on Wattpadd.)

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4 responses to “AUTHOR NEWS: Yeahhh Jennifer L. Armentrout new e-book (Free!)

  1. Wow! How generous of her. She’s such a popular author, too. I’ve only ever read a couple of her books (both are initial instalments to a couple of series). Someday soon, I’ll push myself to continue.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. LOl, it’s in another language again! I’ll have to google this lady on Amazon and see if she still has any freebies. I know I got Obsidian for free awhile back:)

    • Thank you so much for letting me know these things Lanie. YOU ARE THE BEST EVA! 🙂 I think I have the problem all settled. *Crosses fingers* If you see it happen again, pleasepleaseplease let me know. 🙂 xoxo