Am I Creeping On Other Books?

Posted February 13, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Blog / 0 Comments


We’ve all had those night where we just stay up all night long, eyes drooping, heart racing because you just can’t get enough of that AWESOME book you’ve gotten your hands on. Twelve O’clock turns to three o’clock then turns to…


Trust me.. It happens to the best of us—> Ehem, (me)

One thing I did notice was that as I was reading, I would stop (very frequently) to jot down an idea that sprung up in my head from a scene I was reading in said awesomtastical book. But it got so bad to where I was stopping every couple of pages to jot down a new awesome-filled scene I couldn’t get out of my head and didn’t want to forget.

It got downright annoying.

Imagine me in my bed flapping my Kindle open and closed and powering up my notetaker on my phone to jot down a scene idea and then getting stuck on it to finish it.


So I got to asking myself:

Me: “Self?”

Myself: “Yes, oh wondrous Keionda?”

Me: “I find myself getting ideas from other books and using them to create different scenes in my book. Am I cheating?”

Myself: “Keionda, oh wise one, of course you’re not cheating. Because that’s what’s this whole biz is about. One must read, read, read because this is the only way one will get better and better and what he or she does. By not reading and getting ideas or inspiration you would be doing yourself a great disservice.”

Me: “Thank you very much self. Very wise words you had there.”


My point there was to point out the fact that it is perfectly okay draw inspiration, ideas, or whatever else from books because this is who we as writers grow and become better.

So by all means from this day forward, read your hearts out and use those ideas and inspiration that comes from them in your own projects!

Now it’s your turn! How do you guys get inspiration for different scenes? Or do you have any questions or comments? Leave them in the box below! 🙂