Hello there you AWESOME HOMO SAPIEN!

                                              Your queen bee Keionda is in the house, eh, or le honey comb… I LOVE to blog! Write! Read! Eat!

Windows Phone_20130517_037

                                                                    ‘Tis me when I was in Costa Rica. My first time going abroad. EEP!

I’m bilingual (English and Spanish) because I’m awesome and that is all. If you give me cake and coffee, it is quite possible I shall creep out of my writing cave. (I am also partial to being bribed out by lattes and candy corn–>(The little pumpkin-shaped ones or the Valentine themed ones. I aint a picky)

Writing is my passion and I pray to the good Lord I’m published within the next two years! (Cross your fingers AND toes for me) I’ve made it a personal goal to write the first draft of a book, but here’s that pesky condition: It has to be within… A MONTH. So far on this crazy journey, I’ve written 9 and starting my 10th!

I want to make this blog about YOU GUYS! (Among my quirky randomness and stuff) I want to know your ideas, dreams, cool ideas for a book. ANYTHING. TELL ME ALL.

IMG_1297                                        This is my lovely mamá and I when we were in… THE BAHAMAS. (Oh.. oh you mad, huh?)

I also had a really hard time writing this because… well, I’m not all that interesting. (LIKE AT ALL.) I’m an introvert and banish myself to my room in front of my computer screen on most days but other days I’m a lovely extrovert and I LOVE ALL PEOPLES.

I’m interested in knowing more about the most important/epical/aweseomest person here. YOU! So, don’t bring afraid to stop by and say hi! I LURVE meeting new people as long as you too love CAKE, we are going to be the most EPICAL friends ever!


                                                    Let’s Be Franz, ya’ll!





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