A Small Snippet from Blurred Lines by Author Chloe Walsh! :)

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News on the release date to come! 


Author: Chloe Walsh

Genre: Adult Romance











Here’s the snippet guys! I hope you enjoy! 🙂



Mackenzie Emoticono heart

Don’t tell him all your secrets.
One, he won’t believe you.
Two, if he does believe you, you lose everything…

“Mackenzie Moore?” Mrs Kelly, my English teacher, calls out my name from the front of the classroom and all I want to do is growl. Literally fucking growl at the woman. Jesus Christ I don’t give her trouble, never cause her problems, so why can’t she let me be?

“Yes,” I mutter through clenched teeth, dropping my pen before tucking my hair behind my ear. Tapping my fingers on my desk, I bounce my knee restlessly.

My knee touches his and we both still.

“Read out your assignment from last night,” she demands in her usual condescending tone of voice.

I must not answer quickly enough for her because Mrs Kelly decides I’m so thick she needs to explain what I’m supposed to read for her.

“An in-depth account of your childhood,” she adds and I roll my eyes in disgust. This should be fun.

Cade’s shoulders stiffen beside me and I smirk to myself.

“As you’re all aware,” she continues as she paces the front of the classroom with a piece of tethered white chalk in her hand. “You’re in your final year. Senior year is the most crucial year you guys will ever put down. Don’t screw it up.”

Pushing my chair back, I slowly stand and inhale a calming breath. I’m probably going to get the shit kicked out of myself for what I’m about to do, but I really don’t care anymore. And after tonight I won’t have to worry about a thing.
Ever again.

Clearing my throat with gusto, I pick up my copybook and begin to read. “The title of my composition is odd.”

Taking a deep breath I let the words on the page of my worn copybook spill from my mouth. “I was always odd, in every sense of the word. I didn’t think like other kids my age. I thought things, bad things. Things that made me hurt my body. For some reason or other. I didn’t know why. I still don’t.”

Silence falls around me but I hurry on.

Let them hear me.

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll hear my pain.


“I struggled. Happiness was hard. Apparently I had too much brains in me. I think I had too much darkness. I remember feeling angry. Different. At the age of four I had a complex. Because I was different, I didn’t have a place. I had friends, many of them. I was good at school; the best. I made all the teams, was picked first for any game in the school yard. I should have felt something.
I didn’t.
Parents should think before they reproduce. That’s what happened to me. I was a reproduction of a black hole numbed by sex. I had love in me to give. But the bad words and things I heard weren’t right for my ears. I heard too much. I understood too much. I was popular. I didn’t care. That side was just for show. I used to count down the seven hours of pretence until I could hide again. Somewhere quiet. No one got me. I didn’t get myself. Every day I woke up sad. I didn’t know why. I hid from the world. I lied to the world. I had nightmares. Scary nightmares where my first encounter with dying would come back for me. I felt like I cheated death, and death was waiting in the shadows to claim me. I remembered the sadness. My mother crying. My father smiling through sad blue eyes. My eyes. They were just like his. I remember banging my hands off the walls. Unsure if it was attention I craved or the urgent desire to be locked away. Where I didn’t have to know the world and the world didn’t know me. My thoughts kept me a prisoner. I feared every moment of every day. I was odd. I have an echo in my heart. It’s constant and repetitive. Life doesn’t make much sense.”

You could hear a needle drop the room is so quiet.
Not a sound.

I stare straight ahead, willing the bullies and assholes to mock me. Laugh. Take their fill. I’m just a joke. Make fun of me.

“Nice one,” Emily chuckles, and I know her tongue is coiled like a cobra waiting to strike. “A round of applause for Mackenzie Whore.”

I don’t react to Emily Crowley’s comment. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that nickname. Besides, she’s not lying. I am a whore, which sucks for her considering I’m her boyfriend’s whore.

“Careful Ems,” I hear Shannon, Emily’s best friend, cackle. “She’s turning a little red. A little like fire.”

“Back off,” I hear him say and I close my eyes briefly, allowing his voice to echo through my hollowness, filling me with some substance…something…love.

“Yeah,” Emily snorts. “She’s burning mad.”

Some of the girls in class laugh, but I remain expressionless, refusing point blank to give them the satisfaction of seeing how badly their comments make me feel.

Their fire comments are directed towards my dad…


♥Can’t wait for this book to come out! Like I said, still waiting on a release date and as soon as I have it, I’ll post it up here! Whoop! Whoop! *Faints from excitement overload* ♥



2 responses to “A Small Snippet from Blurred Lines by Author Chloe Walsh! :)

  1. I dunno, the main character sounds like one that would annoy me… she just seems way to irritable for the situation (in the beginning) and i’m not the biggest fan of NA… way too much dram for me, but who knows, maybe I’ll try it. *shrugs* Thanks for sharing, regardless! 🙂

    • I wasn’t a huge fan of Chloe Walsh’s debut novel, Break my fall, so I’m thinking I’m going to give this one a try but we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for your insightful comment! <3