4 Ways to Tell You Have an Unhealthy Addiction

Posted November 22, 2016 by Keionda Lei Lewis in #LifeyThings / 19 Comments

I have an odd addiction to stationary you guys. 

My addiction is so bad that I just get do happy as soon as I see like… a binder, planner, even a Papermate pen or something I go insane.(I’m pretty sure the reason I go into negative in my bank account so much is because my willpower is just so…. lousy.) Like… that has to be the msot oddest addcition in the history of EVER, but.. Pfft,  least it’s not to like.. Drugs or something. Right?


Picture that book you’ve been DYING to get your hands on, Fried Ice Cream, or a new recipe for a Fried Twinkie. (I’m kind of hungry right now. Don’t judge.)


  1. When you see the thing you’re addicted to, your heart starts to beat fast in your chest. You start to shake with the uncontrollable need to get your hands on it. You’re even drooling on the door at this point, that’s how excited you are to get your hands on it. salivating
  1. You will do anything, ANYTHING, to get your hands on said thing. You’ll sell your pinkie toe, cut out your tongue, rip out your spleen– (okay, okay,  maybe not that drastic but you’re totally desperate at this point so there’s no telling what the heck you’d do at this point)
  1. You’re filled with wonder and this weird kind of adrenaline when you finally have it in your grasp. You’re tired of waiting. You feel shaky. Anxious. You can’t focus with all of the adrenaline pumping through you, YOU ADRENALINE JUNKIE, YOU. You have to have it. Now.gimmie
  1. You will kick a baby, heck, you’ll even push down an old lady so you can get your hands on it. Like I said, you’ll do anything. YOU. DESPERATE. 


Sooooo, those were just a couple of ways to tell you have an unhealthy addiction. I hope none of you have ever engaged in any of these acts. I really hope none of you would ever cut out your tongue, kill a baby, or push over an old lady…. but hey… maybe you would? Like I said: DESPERATE. Huh….

Now it's your turn 2

What are some things that you guys would do to get to your addiction? Are you guys as addicted to stationary as I AM?

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19 responses to “4 Ways to Tell You Have an Unhealthy Addiction

  1. Sophia Rose

    I do love me some stationery. I’ve also got a thing for bookmarks. But yes, I do show signs of addition mostly for books. I have more on my Kindle than I can probably read in my lifetime.

    • OMG, so I was just talking about tis same thing this orning about how I had eso many books on my Kindle but I WANT MORE. I’ve made myself finish one book first before I start buying books again! 🙂

  2. We’re all allowed to have one strange addiction, right? As long as it’s not drugs, that is, lol. Your list reminded me of this one time when I went to the grocery store and it wasn’t pomegranate season but they actually had pomegranates, and so I made a beeline to them when suddenly an old lady stopped me to compliment me on my posture and she was really nice and all, but all I could think was, “THIS WOMAN IS STANDING BETWEEN ME AND MY POMEGRANATES SHE NEEDS TO STOP TALKING BEFORE I RUN HER OVER WITH MY SHOPPING CART.”

    (Just for the record, I don’t actually run over old ladies with shopping carts lol.)

  3. Ahh, I hear you! I used to buy books a lot. After taking a long hard look at my bank account, I had no choice but to cut my spending. I still buy books, but only on sales. Now, I’m trying to take full advantage of the library. 🙂 I’m also trying to work on my CDs obsession. I have my eyes on a Joni Mitchell collection and I’m still debating: to buy or not to buy? 10 CDs for $50 is a bargain. I’ll probably wait till Christmas to buy it, as a treat! 🙂

    • Ohhhh yess! I’m bad about buying DVDS even though hardly ANYONE uses them anymore! And 10 CDS for $50 is DEF a bargain! But I’d say wait until it gets closer and closer to Christmas. Or maybe you could try today for Cyber Monday? Don’t you live in Singapore? I’m not sure if you guys do Cyber Monday over there! <3 Did you check Ebay? They may have it for cheaper! 🙂

      • Yep, that’s my strategy! I’m waiting 😀 We have Cyber Monday in Singapore, but the CDs aren’t included. Bummer… I’ll definitely check out ebay 🙂 Thanks, Keionda!

  4. Olivia-Savannah

    Maybe not stationary, but I definitely do have a massive notebook addiction. And then well, there is a book addiction there as well. It’s crazy and it takes over me every time I’m in a bookstore or in a stationary shop for that matter. I totally relate to all of those!

    • I’m glad you can relate girl! It just gets so bad because I WANT IT ALL. I’m kind of bad about notebooks that are super pretty and shiny (journals are my weakness!) 😮

  5. RO

    This is such a fun post and reminds me of all the things I probably shouldn’t be obsessed with. Let’s just say there are waaaay too many to list. (lol) Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving weekend! RO

    • HIII ROOOO! <3 Thank you! :)There are a ton of other things I’m obsessed with, like Netflix and stuff but that is a story for a DIFFERENT DAY! teehee! Happy Holidays! 🙂 xoxo!