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I decided to dedicate this post to writing, not my writing in particular but just something that will zap you guys into the  magical head of a writer for a couple of minutes. (Or however long it takes you to read this here post….that’s of you even read the post…huh..)

Here are some of the ways you are sure to tick a writer off:

TAP them on the shoulder while they are in the midst of a good point in the book, and I mean a really, REALLY good part, like let’s say they’re talking about eating a Twinkie or saving the world from flesh eating llamas or something awesomecakes like that.

Be prepared to be on the receiving end of the darkest scowl of your life, also, depending on the writer, be prepared to get cussed out or have a flower vase flung at your cranium for daring to interrupt at writer. Yeah, it’s that bad. Don’t do it.  

Just… DON’T. Okay?


  1. Bust into their writer space suddenly, high kicking the door with your foot as if you’re like, Kung Fu Panda, or something. Um, excuse me….YOU NOT THE PO PO.  NO, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BUST INTO MY SPACE.



  1. Tell a writer how stupid you think their story is, like legit going up in their face and telling them how much you hate their idea. Like, okay, I KNOW dancing baby Llamas, whom when they fart, they make little glitter balls appear out of their butts may not particularly be the best way to take my story but…GET THE HECK OUT OF MY FACE. THAT’S WHAT EDITS ARE FOR. FOOL.



  1. Express your dismay at how long they have been on one book. Like, our hands aren’t made of the crap they gave to Flash. Nor do I have lightning bolts coming out of my eyeballs. I may claim to be awesome all day long but at the end of the day, I’m kinda not all THAT coolio.

 In short, I’m not a super hero, but that would be awesome if I was one though, just putting that out there.

So yes, believe me, if you’d like to have a pen lodged into the area between your eyeball and nose cavity, or if you’d prefer to have a keyboard, or entire laptop hummed at your head, DO NOT, and I hereby do repeat, DO NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT interrupt a writer. We’re here to give you guys books! So yeah, just…just don’t do it, okay??


Now it's your turn 2

This question doesn’t necessarily have to pertain to writers only, but is it that ticks you off the most that someone says or does that goes against what you love or believe in? Oh! And what kind of music?House music? Country? Rap? Rock? Or maybe Hip Hop like you just do not stop?

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  1. Sophia Rose

    I would add having a person who doubts your abilities, but has never actually read your stuff. But yes, interruptions during a particularly great moment when that book is just flowing from your fingertips are really bad. 😉
    Wishing you well in your writing efforts, Keionda!

  2. I actually just saw a Vlog post by author Colleen Hoover yesterday talking about this very subject! It’s so difficult to please people; not to mention impossible to write a book that EVERYONE will love. . well, except for Harry Potter? Ha! Anyway, I’ve found it extremely difficult to share any sort of space with anyone who does not respect other people’s difference – be it religious beliefs, style of clothing, taste in music or genre, etc. But alas, the world is not a wishing factory, so you simply learn how to cast those people aside and wish them well no?


  3. I haven’t been doing much writing lately so I luckily haven’t had these things happen to me, but ugh, yes, being interrupted while you’re super into a scene would be the worst! Like, that kind of inspiration and intensity doesn’t come all the time, and being interrupted would totally kill the flow. Even when I used to write poems (which I also haven’t done lately), I’d always try and wait for my parents or roommates or whoever was around to go to sleep so that I could have peace and quiet and know that I wouldn’t be interrupted.

    And yeah, people seem to think a book can just be written and edited and ready to go in like a week?! Not that I’ve written one lol, but even know it takes a super long to actually do all the planning and the writing and the editing, and sometimes there are things that get in the way or ideas that don’t quite work, etc. People just often don’t realize how hard the things they’ve never tried to do really are! (You already saw my rant about gymnastics on my weekly update today lol.)