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I’m really hating myself right now. But WHHYYY KEI? WHY DO YOU DESPISE YOURSELF??

So, remember how I told you guys that I was watching The Gossip Girl series and remember how I told you I was falling in love with it?? Well ya, so I got curious about something and ended up going on WIKIA to answer one of my many questions swarming around in my little head and guess WHAT??

One question led to another that led to ANOTHER and that led my eyes downward to a SPOILER.


Soooo, I just totally ruined the ending for myself (well, not entirely because I’m quite pleased with how everything is going to end)
But still, now I know kind of what’s going to happen which is so not fun because part of the journey of watching a show is the ‘not-knowing-what’s-going-to-happen-part.’

Only now, I know…. So yeah…



Besides, this was YOUR baby they’ve so unwisely unsubscribed from. Rip out strands of your hair. Jump aro
und your room like an enraged and caged Gorilla that has been locked up for all eternity. Go to the top of the highest building, rip off your pink tank top, then proceed to ball up your fists and beat on your chest like Godzilla, protesting that you are in fact the queen/king of the world and curse that one person for daring to unsubscribe from your baby. WHO THE HECK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE ANYWAY. PFFT. RUDENESSES.

Cry the tears of THE SADNESS. Throw crap around your room. Don’t eat for days on end just thinking and moping about that one subscriber that you lost. Surround yourself with depressing movies, books, and music because YOU IS SAD. AND YOU DESERVE TO BE SAD.


Binge on chocolate and basically be a potato all day on the couching, stuffing your face with anything sweet and carbonated. Wail about how your life is over because you lost a little subscriber. Kick your feet up and just be a total sulker of the house because that’s ONE LESS SUBSCRIBER.

F.Y.I: THOSE were the ways you shouldn’t react when someone hits the unsubscribe on your baby. So, now here’s the CORRECT way to do it:

Open those nostrils and take a deep breath of the fresh air. Let it go to your brain and allow you to calm down.

If someone unsubscribed, it has NOTHING to do with you personally. This person most likely doesn’t even know you IRL, so it’s not like you lost anything, just one more less engaged person is all. Now that saves more room for the people who ARE actually interested in the things that you want to talk about.


 Instead of eating your weight in JUNK FOOD NAMES. Enjoy your life. LIVE.

Just because someone unsubscribed, doesn’t mean it had anything to do what you said or didn’t say. Maybe they didn’t connect, maybe they just have too many blogs in their feed. Whatever you do, YO, JUST DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL! And when you get back from your walk, maybe once you’ve gotten over it, you can have some chocolate. Or Candy Corn. Or…. a cupcake.

Whatever meets your fancy. 😉


Now it's your turn 2
Does it bother you when people unsubscribe from your lovely? What do you do in that case? Eat nachos all day? Drown yourself in your miseries in a good book? Or just BREATHING?

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33 responses to “WHAT TO DO WHEN SOMEONE HITS THE UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON ON YOUR BABY! I may HATE myself now. And #IHATESPOILERS. Anyone have Lemon Scones??

  1. Olivia-Savannah

    Oh no, I absolutely hate spoilers. I have become the master at avoiding them. I don’t even know how, but I still don’t know the ending to Harry Potter and seeing as I haven’t read it or watched it yet, I take this as the mastering of my talent. Because basically everyone and their sister seems to know how that series goes down. I’m so sorry you saw the spoiler 🙁 Oh, and I really don’t mind when people unsubscribe. Maybe it isn’t even me and the blog just isn’t their genre taste anymore. Either way, I just continue on and remind myself that there will always be other subscribers.

    • Exactly! There will always, always be other subscribers, so the important thing is to just focus on that! 🙂 AND OMG, you haven’t watched the ending to Harry Potter yet?? HOW IS THIS OSIBLE?? I can’t believe someone hasn’t just blurted it out to you by now. teehee! I hope you’re enjoying your vacation, lovely! <3 xoxo!

      • Olivia-Savannah

        Thanks Keionda! It was wonderful but I AM BACK IN THE BLOGGING GAME NOW!

  2. Sophia Rose

    Oh noessss! Sorry you accidentally spoilered yourself for your show.

    As to the unsubscribe, I only have one time felt hurt when someone ‘unfriended’ me. It’s never happened on the blog, but on Facebook. But I do know why- they didn’t like my review b/c I didn’t give it a 5-star and only a 4-stars. o_O Good advice- shake it off and let it go. And you might have to do the rinse and repeat b/c it might comeback a couple of times before you let it go for good.

    • THIS IS SO TRUE Sophia! No matter how much you try to ignore it sometimes it just coms back but it’s okay beau that’s one last person that you have to worry about. And unfriending you because of a rating was just so petty… I can’ believe people would actually do that! But, *shrugs* people will be people, sadly…Sorry that happened to you! <3

  3. Oh, that’s easy. I unsubscribe back. If that person can tell me not to take it personal, then I have the license to say it back. *shrugs* Life is too short to dwell on why people do what they do. Worry about yourself and what you want to accomplish. Obviously, this person is VERY WRONG to unsubscribe. I just unfollowed a couple of people on Twitter because they apparently couldn’t stand my political views. You know what? That’s their prerogative and I’m not going to take that away from them. Don’t expect me to keep following you, though. I don’t play that kind of games.

    • Joy, it’s amazing the amount of people you’re going to run across that are just petty and look for any reason to be… disagreeable? It’s not right, but you know how people are. =/ Keep being you and don’t let anyone tell you any different. 😉 YOU ROCK!

    • HAHAH! Usually I don’t worry abut my numbers either, but Bloglovin’ sends me weekly stats… so I’m always tempted just to talk a peak. hehe! <3

  4. I never notice it, until it is more than a couple. Don’t sweat it, sometimes it’s just that they are keeping their inbox from over crowding. I do it a lot. Especially if I’m already following that blog elsewhere.

    • I can understand that ! I did this too if I was following a blog in another spot so that it won’t get too overcrowded. Still stings a bit who it first happens though. 😉

  5. I usually don’t check my numbers or keep track of who unsubscribes, so it stays less personal that way. It’s sad when someone unsubscribes, but you never know why they unsubscribe and if they are no longer interested in my content they have the right to unsubscribe. These are all good things to deal with it, do something else or focus on something else is also a good idea.

    • YES! It’s super sad when they unsubscribe, but like you said, it’s SUPER DUPER important to remember that they do have the right to unsubscribe if they don’t like what you post anymore. And like you, I usually try not to check my stats just so it stays less sad if I see someone left my blog. 🙂

  6. I never take it personally. Most of the time I don’t even know someone unsubscribed from me, but if I do end up finding out, I simply just return the favor lol. I always feel like there is always someone else out there who absolutely adores your content, so getting upset, mad, or sad, is just a waste of time and energy girl. Middle finger to them for missing out on our awesomeness right?!

    • MIDDLE FINGER TO THEM. HAHAHA! That’s true though! I usually can’t tell who unsubscribed from me though, just in case I did want to return the favor! <3 How the heck do you do that? :/ And like you said, there is always another person out there that is going to LOVE and ADORE your content. 😉

  7. I purposefully don’t keep track of subscribers. Just the overall number, and even then I don’t always remember the actual number. So I guess, I don’t really notice? In my case, ignorance really is bliss, lol.

    • YASS! It’s less to have to sit there and worry about on a daily basis. “Who subscribed? Who unsubscribed?” You won’t have to worry about all that nonsense and just focus on getting out all of the content that your subscribers love. 😉

  8. Oh that shits me when you accidentally spoil yourself. As much as it pains me, I don’t Google after I’m invested in a book or TV series just in case. I struggle on Mondays during The Walking Dead season and have to avoid social media.

    But I wouldn’t have any idea if people are subscribing or unsubscribing. I don’t keep track anymore except on Twitter. Every few months I go through my followers and ditch this who’ve unfollowed me. It sounds a bit petty, but I figure if they don’t like what I’m saying, then they probably aren’t worth my time.

    • I havne’t taken it to Twitter yet to see who has followed me and unfollowed (although I kind of need to!) And YES! It’s so much easier not to have to check your subscribers to see each one that left you. It’s all good and like you said, it’s not worth your time! OMG, The Walking Dead, I tried it but I have yet to get really invested in it! DON’T KILL MEH. teehee! <3

  9. OMG, Blair and Chuck forever! I loved the first few seasons but hate what they did to Blair and Chuck so I stopped watching. Spoilers are the worst, self inflicted spoilers make me want to punch myself..

    I don’t have any notifications for when people unsubscribe, I’d rather not know!

    • I really wanted to like Chuck, like I really did but he can’t EVER seem to get his stuff together, girl! 🙁 I need to finish the rest of the season but I’m kind of slacking off on that part. teehee!

  10. Oh no, sorry about the spoiler! That’s the worst when you accidentally come across one. As for the unfollowers thing, I actually don’t even remember how many followers I have for my blog or any social media. So I’m sure people unsubscribe sometimes, but I don’t even know about it therefore I don’t even have a chance to get upset about it lol. It’s a good method for me to stay stress-free about unfollowers, haha.

    • EXACLTY! Why worry about the people who unsubscribe when you could be busy having fun with the ones who are actually there and wiling to comment and have a real connection? FORGET THE REST. 😉

  11. When I start watching or reading a book that has sequels that have been published too, I always and I really mean always, spoil myself and then I hate myself for it, but I never stop, ugh I’m just so weird haha ^^

    I really can’t help myself but feel sad when someone unfollows me, be it on twitter, on bloglovin or in google plus ! So what I do is that I try to find out who that is and I unfollow him/her too, because why should I read your posts if you’re not reading mine anymore haha >.< !! But I don't do that all the time, only when the blog doesn't really interest me but I was following because he/she was following me too and asked me to follow back x)

    Anyways, great post :))

    Oh and I have watched Gossip girl too and I was a Big Fan of Dan and Serena, hope you are a fan too <3

    “Book Addict”

  12. I hate spoiler as well. Sometimes it is necessary because you want to discuss how you feel about what happened at the end, but I always hide mine under a spoiler tag. I also am the type of person to read all the spoilers, even if they are hidden under a spoiler tag. I usually won’t remember when I am reading it anyways.
    I loose subscribers. It happens. I get surprised when I see it is someone I like. I dislike unsubscribes so much that I almost never unsubscribe to blogs. I know how it feels and I don’t want to make anyone feel like that.
    Great post!
    Also, I really like your site. 😉

    • Yes! I hate when that happens! And it usually is MY fault when I do encounter a spoiler so I’m glad you know what I mean and that I’m not alone in this! teehee! <3 And WOW. I’ve never looked to see who it was that unfollowed me, although it would be nice so that I could go and unfollow them right back! 🙂 *evil grin*

  13. Ugh, spoilers. Grrr. Especially when you do it to yourself. LOL

    I honestly try not to pay too much attention to how many subscribers I have. Doesn’t always work… but I try. 🙂 And when I see that someone unsubbed, I wonder why for ohhhh, about 7.5 seconds and then I carry on. Not every blog is for every person. There have have blogs that I’ve unsubscribed to. Not out of malice or spite or any hard feelings… just because I didn’t connect with the blog for whatever reason. We didn’t share much in common or whatever. So I try not to get too worked when it happens to me. Doesn’t make it fun, though!

    • Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’re def going to create your own community you want! 🙂 You have the right tools: dedication and focus! So go for it and you can do it! <3