What Are YOUR Reader Flaws?

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Your reader flawas

We all have them. So don’t even pretend you don’t. Because you do. And I, Keionda Lei Lewis know you do, so I’m determined to get them out of you.

Here’s a list of some of my reader flaws. I’m not proud of them. But they are the truth. I’m only a mere homo sapien after all. 😉

Sometimes, I have the annoying habit of looking for spoilers in reviews?? Don’t kill me but its not like I purposely go looking for them but it’s like my mind is so sneaky and it goes off on its own and purposely looks for the spoilers. Like, seriously. I no kid. I think my kind is somehow mysteriously wired to detect spoilery things. It’s rather annoying.



Ohhh, and I’m also bad at glazing over long descriptions of any kind whether they be long ones or short ones. I have the INTENSE DESIRE to create my own world in my head and even if I have a CLEAR picture of how the characters look I’m the cover, my mind world’s in mysterious ways and I conjure up my own pictures of them in my mind.


                                                                            My mind, It is a dark and evil, twisted place.




I decide right off the bat if I loathe or fall in love with an MC. If it just so happens that I’m smiling or feel SOME type of emotion towards the MC, then it’s most definite I’ll continue reading. AND if I loathe the MC and just can’t connect with them, I’ll STILL read on because I’ll feel so bad if I don’t finish. I NEED to finish the book that I invested my time and money and a part of me just needs to see how it will all end. But then I’m all grouchy and go into into a bad book slump because I stuck with the book for months and months…..then I’ll post up a ranty review.   



Wanting to give all the books I’ve hearted to the point where I wanted to eat them, digest them, and then eat them again. Those books make me want to automatically give them 5 stars and not discuss anything bad about them. But then at the end of the day, I don’t want to say it was all good because I want to warn people of what I didn’t care for. But that voice in the back of my head whispers to me and is like:

                    “Hey, yo, Keionda. Say you loved it. You want to adopt it. Love it. Stroke the spine. That is all.”


                         Seperation Anxiety

When I fall in love with a book I NEVER, ever want to let it or the characters go. I never want to be separated from them because they are just so awesome and I want them to be real and then I have to remind myself that they are in fact not real.


                          Someone. Anyone. Kleenex? Please and tank you. The struggle you guys, it is real. It is so real.

Now it's your turn 2

What are some of your reader flaws? I need you guys to make me feel better because I really feel bad about my own flaws.


31 responses to “What Are YOUR Reader Flaws?

  1. I totally do the spoiler thing if I’m nervous for the book, especially if it is a last in a series. It’s terrible but I can’t help myself!

    • GOSH ALI! I’m SO bad at this! I try not to spoil the whole book (or show) for myself but I have BAD anxiety when it comes to “needing-to-know-what’s-gonna-happen… It’s a crying shame…

    • YESSSS KAREN! And that’s where fangirling comes in because you loved the book so much that you just want to express it and then that’s when you start pushing the book at people.. yeah.. it gets BAD. :/

    • I just now commented on your blog talking about this very same thing actually, about how much I DETEST having to end a book series, or even a TV show series! 🙁 I don’t want to let go! Maybe I’ll have to try out fan fiction one of these days! <3

  2. evaallbooksconsidered

    Oh I definitely get the separation anxiety! My favorite books (and characters) are with me always and I just want to read and re-read! My biggest reading flaw is not reading outside of contemporary — it’s too easy and I need to pick up other genres!!

    • I have that same reader flaw Eva! 🙁 It’s like, how do I get out of Na, romance, and fantasy?? I know how much you love contemporary so I may have to search your blog for some good recs! 🙂

    • There is NOTHING wrong with that P! Sometimes a book just isn’t for us! I’m guilty of this too but hey, when a book just isn’t giving us THOSE FEELS, what is the point? 😉 I can DEF relate girl! <3

  3. My biggest reading flaw is that I read so slow ! I see bloggers finishing books in a single day and it takes me 1-2 weeks at the least.

    I also spend way to much money on cheapie ebooks. I always keep about ~$10 on my Amazon giftcard a month and just one-click .99 ebooks as I see them in my twitter timeline.

    • Hiya Kat! 🙂 You and me both girl! 🙁 I have no inkling how the HECK they read so fast when I’m like… Ha, you read that book in a single DAY? I thought finishing a book in three weeks was an accomplishment… *shrugs* We’re just busy people girl. 🙂

  4. Sophia Rose

    Yep, we all have them even if we don’t even realize we do it (there’s always that special buddy who laughingly points it out like you do with them).

    Hmm, self-evals are tough, but here goes… I write too much into my reviews more often than not. If there is a way to say it longer, I find it. I skim through hot sex scenes most of the time b/c they bore me after the first time and if the author goes there too often. I have been known to go off on heroines nine times out of ten b/c I’m too finicky about heroines (probably). And yeah, an early boo-boo on a characters part makes it hard for me to like them afterwards. I really shouldn’t push to read a certain book when I’m not in the mood for that type of book b/c I am invariably disappointed in a book that at a different time I might have loved. I am prejudiced against hyped books (or probably suspicious is more accurate).
    LOL, there you go. My true confessions.

    • YES. YES. AND YES! I agree with everything you said! 🙂 Usually after the first sex scene, my eyes just kind of glaze over because BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, but yes, I’m really picky over my heroines (and please don’t get me started about hyped up books–even hyped up songs and shows!) I think you’re right in saying that we’re just suspicious over them… I think that’s the case, so yeah. hehe! Let’s just go with that! 🙂

  5. This is kind of goofy, but I make audible reactions when I read. I do it when there are people around, but if I’m alone, I REALLY go to town. Usually I’m reading in my bedroom, where my rabbit, Lemon, lives, and I’ll react to him.


    It’s a good thing my rabbit is actually deaf, or he’d hate me.

    • HAHAHHA! You are too much and I love your randomness! That’s how I am too! <3 I usually roll my eyes or I’ll grunt or something but I’ve never gone as far as to say stuff out loud… Well, SOMETIMES. Hahaha And OMGEE LEMON, I LURVE THAT NAME! <3

  6. I don’t seek out spoilers unless it’s a sequel to a series that I’ve been on the fence about. I have to know if it’s worth continuing. Which is why I will not be reading A Court of Mist and Fury. SJM is stupid when it comes to her romances and I’m done with her for a while. Her TOG series was my fav, now I can’t even read Queen of Shadows because I already know the deal.

    • Teehee! I’m actually on the fence about reading her as well! Nothing personal, but I’m just not into fantasy. And I’ll keep that in mind never to mention SJM around you chica. 😉

  7. speration anxiety for sure. I also really anticapate a book and then let reviews change my mind. I wish I would just stay away fromt he reviews until I read the book. Titles and covers get me every time. I add books to my tbr without reading the synopsis. bad bad bad.

    • I usually like to take my time when starting a book, or if I can tell it’s going to be a meh-ish read, I’d probably just speed read…. I guess it depends on if I like it enough?

  8. Girl, you come up with the BEST topics ever! I love that about you! *all the hugs* I’m so with you on the separation anxiety. I do NOT want to say goodbye and let my beloved characters go! I love them, I’ve been thru so much with them… don’t goooooo. *sob* My worst one is probably being insanely excited about a book, feeling like it’s one that I will love hard and it will become an all-time favorite, I but it, put it on my shelf… and then won’t read it. And I mean for months and even years. I just put it off and put it off because I enjoy the anticipation too much. Because once I read it’s over. As long as I don’t read it I’m still excited and giddy about it. Hard to explain. But it’s ridiculous. And a total flaw. Because I could READ THE BOOK and enjoy the expereince but I won’t let myself. Gah!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    • I CAN REALTE TO THIS COMMENT SO MUCH! YASS! I never want to let my beloved characters go because DUDE. we have been through so much. You can’t leave me. 🙁 But then I try to remind myself that, hey, there are other books out there so… yeah. But yeah, I’m known for stashing books away as well so I won’t have to say goodbye so soon. #bookwormproblems….

      And thank you T! (But you’ll always be AWESOME-ER) <3 <3 MUAHH!

  9. I have a few reader flaws – when I’m not liking a book, I trawl goodreads for people who thought similar to me especially if it’s a popular book lol. That way I don’t feel so alone. I sometimes also skim half sentences and get completely lost because of context. Great reader flaws though lady!

  10. HAHA. Okay, I definitely have a problem with seperating myself from my favorite series. I mean, it’s a REAL problem because I can’t bring myself to read the last books in series. As in, I never read Harry Potter #7, or City of Heavenly Fire, and I’m just now starting Mokingjay. It’s definitely something I have to work on XD

  11. Ooooh I feel you with so many of these! I glaze over descriptions on the regular. Because within like, two minutes, I have decided that everyone is an amorphous blob, and nothing will change my mind. The only exception: If a movie has been cast BEFORE I read the book, the characters default to what those people look like 😂

    And I am SO the same about the ratings AND the separation! I think they go hand in hand for me. It’s also why I like series- I have longer to stay with my fake people! The downside is, that makes it even harder when I have to leave their world. And probably has something to do with why I am always underwhelmed by series ends!!

  12. Just like Sophia I have the tendency to write way too long reviews. And sometimes I judge a book by the cover, a bad cover can make me convinced the book isn’t that good either, even though that might nto e true. And I avoid excerpts at all cost, but if I read them more often i might actually be able to avoid books where I don’t like the writing style, but I just hate reading them and not being able to continue the book, so i avoid reading excerpts until after I read the book, lol, I know that makes no sense at all.

    Or when I am considering adding a new book to my to-read list or buying a new book, I sometimes keep reading negative reviews until i have convinced myself the book is horrible and I don’t want it anyway. I convince myself not to buy or add books to my to-read list often that way. And netgalley is so bad for me as all those books don’t have bad reviews yet or any reviews at all as I check the newly added books each day, so I request them because I can’t convince myself they are bad if the cover and blurb make the book sound good.

  13. Kei Kei, I have the SAME flaws. If I’ve loved a book and it’s characters, I find it hard to let the storyline go and it tends to sway my judgement for the next book I pick up, even if it’s something completely different. It’s such a terrible habit and one that I’m slowly learning to break myself of. But the pickiness over a characters likability, I hear you! I’m a reader who needs a likable character to be able to invest in a storyline. If they don’t connect with an audience, you tend to not give a crap what happens to them and often cheering for their demise as well. See Kei, we’re both completely normal *eye twitches* normal I tell you.

    Wonderful post poppet, really enjoyed it <3 <3

  14. Olivia-Savannah

    I have the terrible habit of starting all the books and then having started too many and forgetting about them 😛 This is a recent discovery of mine but I have started NINE books when I am really only reading one. It’s slowing my progress so I should really stop doing that if I can. But yeah… it’s getting to me 😛