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                                Tiny Life Update:

So recently my boyfriend got me on this Game of Thrones kick, which I vehemently refused to even lay my eye pupils upon. At first. 


Le Boyfriend: YOU NEED TO WATCH GAME OF THRONES. It’s sooooo good. (Said in Spanish)

Fab Keionda: Eh…No. (Also said in Spanish)

                                                                                                                                                And then he was all like: But you’ll like it, two which I was all like: NO. I would rather not. Leave me be.

                                                                                                                    Le Boyfriend: ………………

Le Boyfriend again: Just watch it. 

Fab Keionda: *caving in* *sighs* *rolls eyes* *gives another exaggerated breath* FREAKING. FINE. DUDE. This show better be life changing.


And oh…. was it. 


I’m now OBSESSED. And I can’t even contain it anymore. It’s gotten to the point where I’m thinking about it all day. IT’S INSANE, YO. –>But so. freaking. worth. it.

                                                                                                                                               But, GoT aside, (OMG ARE YOU GUYS AS ADDICTED AS I AM?) –》 Okay, whew, that was all.


Today, I wanted to talk about the fact that I’ve been going through the worst blogging and reading slump of my life. Which is the main reason I haven’t been reviewing books.

But the fact that I haven’t been as active in the blogging world really bothers me.

I can’t make it to everyone’s blogs everyday like used to and that BOTHERS THE  LIVING CRAP OUT OF ME. It’s like, I want to be around ALL THE TIME. But I had to come to the realization that I CAN’T always be around and that’s okay. It’s always a good idea to take some time for yourself if  you’re feeling stressed and/overwhelmed at any point. Plus–> We AINT getting paid for this so…yeah. Think about that too.


                                    (Your so welcome for the Chris Brown GIF BTW.)


Red @The E-reader Junkie, talks about the fact that we need to take time for ourselves and that it’s important to not let blogging overtake overtake our lives so much to where were stressing about it so much that it encompasses our every thoughts. Like…what’s the point of doing this blogging thing and being a part of this amazing community if it gets to the point where it feels like a freaking job?

If you’re blogging for the reason I am, I’m sure you blog for the LOVE of it, to MEET PEOPLE, and just to feel like you’re an awesome part of something SO MUCH BIGGER.

I’ve taken a long break even though I’ve still been posting, I don’t STRESS, and freak myself out (as much…) anymore and you know what? I’m SO MUCH HAPPIER for it


                                 Over To YOU:

Have you guys ever felt like blogging has become so MUCH sometimes that you get overwhelmed? PFFT, don’t even try to lie and say NO, because pfft, I’ll know. What helped you guys?



36 responses to “☆☆TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.

  1. I used to feel overwhelmed when I first started blogging, only because I was working 14 hour days and I was tired as hell. I’m stressed and depressed about some things right now, but blogging is actually helping me. I’m keeping myself sane and as healthy as possible by continuing to read and blog everyday. At work I’m reading on my breaks or whenever I have downtime. I’m done giving up a part of myself for everyone, and if it weren’t for my siblings and boyfriend, I’d probably not be here. Plus, right now is a bad time for me emotionally as it’s coming up on the 3rd anniversary of my mother’s death and I’m just not feeling like myself. I’ve been snapping on anyone who rubs me the wrong way. Everyone copes differently, fortunately for me, reading has always calmed me down since I was a teen.

    • Dang girl! it sounds like you have A LOT going on! I haven’t been a very happy camper these past couple of weeks since I’ve been so stressed with LIFE so I def know how you feel boo! If you ever need an ear, I’m always here! <3 Sometimes when you get mad and just want to snap, sometimes it’s best to just walk away. I’m here for you girl! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

        • I don’t even have to ask if you’re all caught up yet on GoT because I know that’s YOUR SHOW! <3 I’m on the last episode in the third season so I know I have A LOT of catching up to do. teehee

  2. I totally agree. Blogging is a hobby and you have to have fun!! But yes it gets overwhelming and I put pressure on myself that is not needed. I think it is ok to take breaks. I plan to take a week or so around the holidays and am not afraid to take time when I need. Great post!!

    • It puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on you girl! And yes! With the holidays coming up, it’s sure to get really busy! So I’m looking forward to the break. 😉 Happy holidays and God bless Grace! <3

  3. This happened to me last year. I couldn’t even read anymore. I took a 6 month break from reading and blogging was sporadic at best but I finally came out of it.

    I stopped reviewing everything I read so the reading slump ended first. I’m still not entirely over the blogging slump but it’s getting better.

    Do what you have to even if that means taking time off. We all get it and we’ll still be here.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • I’m in like the worst book slump of my life right now Karen! It’s so bad and it’s hard to stay positive sometimes when you have a million and one OTHER things to do! But that’s what I love about this community is that you guys are so nice and so ENCOURAGING! xoxo

  4. I haven’t finished the last season. I just can’t handle all the depressing shiz.

    I have cycles with blogging. About once or twice a year I get into a blogging slump when blogging loses its appeal and feels more like a job than a hobby. I’ve been pretty relaxed about blogging deadlines recently. And I like it!

    • Gosh Amber, now ou have me nervous to watch it. I know the next (or last?) season is about to come out early next year so I have to catch up. I’ll try to keep a good mind about it so I won’t be depressed and all that…gah! And yes, when it feels more like a job than a hobby, it’s DEF time to call it quits for a little while. <3

  5. I have a lot of weeks where I am so busy that I just can’t get around to other blogs and comment as much as I want and while it makes me sad, it’s also good to take the tiem off if you need it or accept you can’t do everything. I do believe that blogging should stay fun and not overtake your life, even though I take blogging pretty serious, it also needs to stay fun and not get too overwhelming. Usually it helps to take things a bit slower for a few days or weeks. I hope you get out of your slump soon! btw I haven’t watched GoT as for some reason it never appealed to me, but I am glad you’re enjoying it. Have a great week!

    • YES! I so agree with you L! Sometimes it’s really hard to go around to all the blogs and comment, be on Social Media and still find time to have a life so taking a break is definitely a good thing every once and a while, or at least give yourself time to breathe and kick your feet up. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE NEVER TRIED GoT. I was like that too once but then I crossed over to the dark side and now I can’t get ENOUGH of it! <3 I hope you try it out soon L!

  6. Sophia Rose

    I still haven’t been roped into the GoT frenzy. I had this thing where I wanted to read the books first. Haven’t gotten around to that, either. Oh well… I’ve missed other spectacular things and lived, right? haha!

    I’m technically not a blogger just a reviewer, but even I get the blues at times. It comes from pushing myself to do more reviews, more blog stops, hanging out longer on social media. I made a New Year’s resolution at the beginning of the year about taking one day off each week with no going on-line. The day can be moved around to suit responsibilities, but I do take it. Some weeks I take more than a day away. But the point is that I do other stuff and recharge my batteries. It really has helped. I plan to continue with it as an ongoing resolution.

    • No GoT for you yet, huh Sophia? Well you have to change that! I was just like you and was against all things GoT until I tried it and BOOM. OBSESSION OVERLOAD. Also, I never knew there was a difference with reviewers and bloggers so that was nice to know.
      <3 And yes, with the holidays coming up, it’s always hard to try to get everything done, comment, cook, and have family time so YES, it’s always a good idea to kick back sometimes and just do you. xoxoxoxo!

  7. Olivia-Savannah

    I haven’t started watching GoT simply because I have read book one (which was EPIC by the way. Loving the series? Defs read them too) so I don’t want any spoilers until I have at least read quite a while into them. I am so happy to know that you are liking it though ^.^ Oh, and as for this, do remember not to let blogging stress you out too much. I haven’t been visiting much either and usually don’t only comment back and visit others, as well as share posts on social media. I HAVEN’T HAD TIME FOR THAT. I’ll work on it in the Christmas break but until then, let’s both try not to stress too much 😉

    • See Liv, I was GOING to try out the GoT books but I’m kinda intimidated by them because they’re freakishly huge, so maybe an audiobook one day? I’m on the third season and loving it so pah-leeasee try them out! But I know you want to read the books before you watch it though. <3 And I know you’ve been busy with England and everything and it’s so hard to NOT stress sometimes because LIFE. I’ll take your advice and try not to stress as much, but NANO….So, yeah. Trying to stay positive and not bug out too much about that. <3

      • Olivia-Savannah

        I know what you mean about intimidating but they are wonderful! I’m not an audiobook person but I have heard that they are good — so maybe they would be a great substitute!

  8. Such good advice Keionda, but so hard to take! 😀 I feel like I haven’t been able to be with my blogging buds as much lately and it’s made me sad, but it’s so true that sometimes you need a little time to do things, and it’s ok because you can always check in on your blogging community when you have time. I think it’s inevitable that these times come, so it’s best not to stress. And I have to try hard to follow that! 🙂

    I’m scared to watch Game of Thrones now – I feel like I could possibly be very addicted (if I’m not turned off by the violence though!) I’m glad you are enjoying it – your bf must be so happy! 😀

    • It makes me sad too when I can’t be with you guys and talk with ya’ll as much as I would like to. You guys are AWESOME CAKES! And you’re nice which is the main reason why I love this community so much! It is hard to not stress because it IS inevitable and when it comes, it’s like it slaps you right in the face so it’s up to us to get back up and try again. Oh! And YES! GoT IS obsessive which is the main reason why I haven’t been able to get much done as of late. Sigh.

  9. I try to take a break from social media once in a while. 🙂 I stop going online from 7pm everyday. It helps a little! I doubt I’d ever watch GoT — not a big fan of violence.

    • I’ve been taking one day a week to completely shut off the social media, the blogging, and the commenting and all that. It really helps girl! And hahah! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over all of the violence and the blood and gore in GoT. It’s no fun but still…ADDICTIVE…If that made ANY sense?? Teehee

  10. Ah well. We’ve all been through this realization that blogging is not actually work. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I do like to take off once in a while. But I keep coming back because. I can’t quit you. Lol

    • I know you had a time that you went on a like a week hiatus so you could gather yourself and regroup so I’m sure you came back refreshed and ready to get back into this thing again! It’s hard though after you’re going for it after a while. Sometimes you need a break! I can’t quit you guys either! You’re my online fam! xoxo

  11. Okay this is the second time I’m writing this, lol, because it appears your blog ate my comment, but whatevs shmevs. I was the same way recently with regards to the TV show obsession! I just randomly thought to watch Arrow one day and now I’m HOOKED. Like obsessed, for real. I binge watched all 3 seasons in 3 days, which is like 69 episodes and my god, that’s like a whole new record for me. Though this show put me in a slump, I couldn’t read anything else other than fanfiction of the show and I couldn’t even blog hop, omgggg. And now I wanna smack myself for slacking because I have sooo much to catch up on, I feel like I wanna stay away forever… but I don’t wanna do that, lol! You should totally stay away from social media for a while and binge watch GoT, lol.

    • Awwwww! I’m sorry Bless! I don’t know why my blog always seems to take it upon itself to eat people’s comments! o_O And Bahah! I remember you telling me that you were HOOKED on Arrow! I really need to try this series out after GoT, and then after American Horror Story, AND Jersey Shore. I’m in the middle of so many right now it’s not even funny! (Seriously though, it’s not even funny) I wish I could be like you and be able to binge (that was some serious binging by the way!) 69 EPISODES? HOLY CAKE BALLS! I too have those times that I just want to stay away forever but then, I’m like…but I miss my friends, and blogging….But one more episode won’t hurt, right? Right?? teehee

  12. I feel you okay. I’m recently crawling back into blogging after weeks of hiatus because of school. I also felt like blogging has been too much pressure for me so I just left for a while abruptly. Haha.


    • GAME OF THRONES IS SO OBSESSIVE. SOOOOO FREAKIN’ OBSESSIVE. I CAN’T…I JUST CAN’T… And it’s perfectly fine to take a hiatus so you can take time for yourself and do the things that you want to do! <3 And with school, it makes things EVEN MORE stressful! I hope you got a lot of time for yourself and I’m glad you’re back! <3 Keep it steady girl! xoxo

  13. I can’t tell you how often I’ve felt the same Kei, you feel like you’ve lost the will to blog and it starts spiraling downwards. The stress really starts to eat away at you after a while. It’s been only in the last year where I’ve been able to say, fuck it. If it’s becoming a chore and it’s no longer fun, then you need that time away are pursue other hobbies, even if you’ve been sucked into Game of Thrones (I don’t like it, but feel the same about my love of The Walking dead). I’m on a semi hiatus at the moment to care for my sick mum, so it’s been a forced break and not having to worry about blogging or comments has been wonderful. Don’t be scared to do your own thing poppet, we’re not going anywhere and you come first <3

    • I’m praying for your mom, you, and your whole family! I can’t imagine how tough this is for you but I have faith that God will cure her and she’ll be back to her old self in no time at all! And I SO agree that if blogging seems like a chore, then it’s best to just say ADIOS for a little while until you find the time where you’re happy with it again and then you’ll feel more stress-free and just HAPPIER! That’s the most important part! (And oh, believe me. The Walking Dead is next on my list but I’m kinda freaked out because ZOMBIES!

  14. Just found your blog from Doing Dewey! My husband and I got hooked on GoT once I allowed myself to skip reading the books and just watch the show, but we have one more season left (I think) before we’re caught up. I’m in a slump these days, too, but am optimistic that it will end at some point soon! Yours, too, I hope!

    • Hiya Laurie! <3

      I’m SO behind on GoT, it’s SO not even funny. (No, really. It’s not funny.) 😉 My boyfriend already finished and is up to date so now he’s going to re-watch them with me. I think I’m on the last episode of the third season? Or maybe it’s the second season. I need to be more optimistic like you Laurie! That way when life comes around and slaps me around at least I can have a smile on my face. 😉 xoxo!

      • haha I’m usually more of a pessimist, but maybe it’s the holiday season starting that’s got me thinking like an optimist!

  15. I always hear this time and time again, the need to take time to yourself and not let blogging take over your life – but unfortunately it’s like a drug, I keep on coming back lol! It’s definitely refreshing not to worry about blogging as much though and just focus on relaxing! I needed that reminder again, thank you <3

    • I’m so glad I could give you another reminder girl because the struggle is SO REAL. No matter how much you try to be positive and keep going with it, sometimes you just get burnt out so it’s okay to take a break for a little while. WE understand and we love you for takin time for yourself! I realize I have now made this an emotional, slightly awkward comment..but…you catch my drift. teehee (I hope) 🙂

  16. Keionda, you are now officially a GoT fangirl! I have more than a handful of friends who have tried to persuade me to join the GoT fandom, but I just simply can’t find the will or drive to do it. Have you by chance read the books? In any case, I think I would give into the Outlander television series before I ever jump the GoT bandwagon.

    As for blogging and all the stress it entails, you are not alone! I’ve been caught up in this whirlwind more than once this year. At one point, I almost deleted my blog entirely! Thankfully, my hubby talked some sense into me and reminded me why I picked up blogging in the first place, my love for writing. I love writing and that is enough.

    That’s not to belittle the blogging community either, I am more than appreciative for the intentional friendships I’ve been able to establish because of blogging. Take it slow and enjoy life <3